Cooking and mixing session facilitated by Eleonora Remmen
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1. Let your Figs be the choicest that can be got, and dic’d, and infused all night in the Molossus spirits, together with the thinnest skin or peel that can be par’d or taken off the finest and clearest lemons.
2. Put about half the quantity (of the Spirits with which your Still is charged) of clear Spring-water into your Still along with the goods; and draw off your goods with a gentle fire, no longer than proof.
3. Then take as much Spring- water, as will make up the goods drawn off from the Still to proof, abating as much liquor as the Sugar when dissolv’d will measure to.
4. Put your double refin’d Loaf-Sugar into the said Spring- water, and set it upon a gentle fire until the Sugar be dissolved.
5. Then let it stand till it be fully cold: which must be then put to the goods drawn off, and well stirr’d together, and put into a proper vessel with a brass cock into it: and stand five or fix days to become clear
6. And then drawn off into your cask you intend to keep it in.
Following citron-water recipe from '"A compleat body of distilling, explaining the mysteries of that science, in a most simple and familiar manner' by George Smith