We approach each other in the water as a way to find form, signalling in the languages we are looking for. There are few words to describe how we come together, but the collision of our thoughts, ideas, and intentions might point at some kind of negotiated, changing substance that charges our bodies in the present. The First Year Masters of Research Students of the KABK work with the rotational conditions of the moment, putting together a show that deals with a feeling of threshold, of waiting or wading. The social and political systems we have inherited surface and resurface, weaving through currents that also lie beneath. We contend with these ghosts, and are carried by their waves. From shifting water management systems to ingestion of body-like fluids, to stories that waver between the personal and the metaphorical — the ebb and flow of gestures in this show engender complexity of spirit. Time is remapped, and we are called into attention to the multiple encounters behind the materials that we think we know. How do we know? An old song that someone used to listen to, in another generation, sparks an action in the moment when our bodies tell us what to do. History folds into Memory, folds into speculation, fantasy. A minor release as the shifting currents pulls us slowly into other ways of sensing the world.

Balint Revesz
Rosa Walbeek
Shardenia Felicia
Clara Pallí Monguilod
Emily Stevenhagen
Elisa Cuesta
Haevan Lee
Noortje Remmen
Eva Van Ooijen
Omid Torkkheirabadi
Xenia Klein
Renata Mirón Granados
Group exhibition of the the Royal Academy of Art's Master Artistic Research students
Curated by Jay Tan and Geo Wyeth
Friday may 28
16h - Shardenia Felicia
Saturday may 29
Sunday may 30
12h - Emily Stevenhagen
15h - Shardenia Felicia
16h - Emily Stevenhagen
18h - Eleonora Johanna Remmen
12h - Emily Stevenhagen
16h - Emily Stevenhagen
17h - Shardenia Felicia